Mackenzie Fogelson

Founder, CEO, & fearless leader


Mackenzie Fogelson (called “Mack” by pretty much everybody), is the founder and CEO of Mack Web

By which we mean that, in the past 10 years, Mack has done it all, from the grunt work to the glad-handing: she’s done web design, keyword research, support meetings, business development, site optimization, link building, hiring, branding, marketing, conference-attending, report-giving, lunch-buying, party-throwing, bill-paying, office-cleaning, hand-holding, and a whole lot of reading.

The effect of the time and effort and hard work and occasional sucking-up is a thriving web marketing company based on her personal business passions: integrity, relentless pursuit of knowledge, and delivering sustainable results. (Other effects: papercuts and eye strain).

The whole thing started back in, uh…a while ago…when Mack was an English teacher. ‘Cuz, really, what else can you do with one English degree (with a secondary education emphasis), let alone two.

No, really. What can you do? That’s what Mack was asking herself as she ruminated on the uses of an M.A. in English, with a focus on communication development.

Well, focus on communication development, of course.

And since junior highers (Lord love them) aren’t really known for being communicative, Mack turned instead to the web (especially since that master’s degree also landed her with some coding skills).

That’s how it began, anyway. From her traumatic experiences in the trenches of post-primary education, Mack has brought away capabilities in leadership, content generation, public speaking, and organization that have served her well in her professional hideaway…uh, capacity.

Mack’s determination to learn as much as she could about her chosen profession as an SEO and the ways of the web has taken Mack Web from a one-woman-band to a team of dedicated SEO, content, social media, and design specialists.

These days, Mack’s main focus is growing the company through the education of her clientele, community, and also of her team. She challenges her team to integrate SEO, content marketing, and social media into strategies that actually work and bring desired results. Then she turns around and shows the world-at-large what her ever-improving systems, processes, and efficiencies have wrought.

Mack does this by practicing what she preaches through speaking engagements and general awesomeness.

So take that, all those people who say that English degrees are worthless. Pbbbbbth.

On a more personal note, Mack is pretty crazy about her family

She is blessed to be able to do what she loves with the unconditional support of her husband Jon, daughter Ryan, and son Easton.

Mack’s drink of choice

These days she typically drinks green tea, but on occasion will have decaf with cream. (Shh…she just likes it. It’s not like she needs it).

You can circle Mack on Google+ or link up with her on LinkedIn or tweet @mackfogelson on Twitter