The Importance of Building a Human and Authentic Brand – A Podcast

Welcome to Stop 7 of MISSION: Authentic What does it mean, as a company and a brand, to be authentic and human, and why does it matter? Those are the questions guiding the conversation between Mack Web CEO Mack Fogelson and web psychologist Nathalie Nahai. The simplest reason is that being authentic and human is the […]

Nuggets of Knowledge: February 2016

Welcome to Stop 5 of MISSION: Authentic This month, in honor of some pretty cool stuff we’re working on over here, we’re bringing you a different kind of NOKlist. Instead of dropping some knowledge, this month’s Nuggets are holding up a few shining examples of businesses that are doing this marketing thing right. We spend a lot of […]

What’s In A Name? Naming Your Company For Who You Are

Welcome to Stop 3 of MISSION: Authentic A rose by any other name … Despite the many adages against making judgments based on first impressions – books and covers, etc. – we can’t quite help ourselves. First impressions are lasting impressions and they shape how we think about the person, the business, the organization we’ve […]

MISSION: Authentic – An Authentic Mission from Mack Web

The Situation Mack Web has been working in secret, collecting vital information on the next evolution of marketing: basing your company’s organization and marketing on your authentic mission. We firmly believe that keeping authenticity as your touchstone will not only allow your marketing to be genuine, adaptive, and engaging, it will also improve the overall […]

7 Steps to Authentic Influencer Marketing, Part Three

You’re now at the third and final stage of our influencer outreach marketing series. Remember, influencer marketing is the practice of building relationships and collaborating with influencers in order to increase brand awareness, build a community, and/or expand your network. If you’ve missed the first two posts, you’ll want to catch up with those before […]