The Truly Monumental Guide to Building Online Communities

The truly monumental guide to building online communities

So, you want to learn about building online communities?

Then you’ve come to the right place

We’re here to amuse you with tools, processes, and the occasional llama joke
(and yes, you may just learn something about building online communities).

Before we begin, we’re going to give you a sneak-peek at what to expect. There’s a lot of information coming and
we don’t want to send anyone into unnecessary overload.

‘Cuz we’re nice like that.

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Chapter 1: The Basics of Community Building

In order to get you completely and totally prepared to build your community, we first guide you through what  an online community is all about, why you need one, the benefits of building community, and how we’re going to help you build one (have we mentioned we’re nice?).

Chapter 2: The Essential Community Building Tools

In which we discuss and define all the pieces you need to make online community building a success.

After that, will be, shockingly enough…

Chapter 3: The Actual “How to Build an Online Community” Process 

In which you find yourselves jumping with joy as we walk you through the actual step-by-step How-To on this community building stuff, including everything from getting started to measuring the results.

Chapter 4: Adaptations for Individuals, In-Houses, & Agencies

In which we talk about applying the techniques you learned in Chapter 3 to your own circumstances – whether you’re an individual, an in-house marketing team, or an agency.

And then we conclude with… (wait for it)

Chapter 5: The End (a.k.a. Final Words of Wisdom)

In which we pretty much just reiterate what you really need to know and then send you off with a politely worded, “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

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