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Mack Web is a collaborative team who’s here to integrate with yours.

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Mack: Founder & CEO

Mack only works here ‘cuz she gets to travel the country and speak about community building. Like a rockstar. Only without the tour bus.

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Mike: Director of Client Strategy

Mike currently holds the distinction of being the only not-a-girl on the team. Forgive him if he occasionally seems a little bewildered as a result.

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Nat: Design Ninja

Nat enjoys her employment at Mack Web because she gets bribed with Friday lunches and gluten-free snacks. She also gets to talk about ninjas (we’re pretty sure she is one), make jokes about llamas, and laugh about cat memes with her co-workers (slackers).

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Courtness: Content Specialist

The only reason Courtney works at Mack Web is for the gummy bears. Which is funny. ‘Cuz we never seem to actually have any.

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Ayelet: Social & Community Management Strategist

Ayelet is really glad Mack Web exists so that she can eat our Twizzlers. And they’re individually wrapped so you know she really wants them.

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Rebecca: Creative Strategist

We hired Rebecca pretty much because we needed someone to translate Courtney’s obscurely geeky pop culture references. Oh! and because none of us can look at the Master Calendar without shuddering in horror (like any sane person).

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Ann: Email Marketing Specialist

Ann started as our Team Support thanks to her uncanny timing on re-stocking the snack cabinet. She advanced to the role of Email Marketing Specialist thanks to her brilliant mind and the fact that she hypnotized us all with her shiny, shiny hair and her shiny, shiny smile.

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Olivia: Social & Community Specialist

Olivia joined us because she values the knowing of stuff, just like us. (And because Ayelet’s ego demanded a minion.)

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Beth: Client Lead

Beth was lured into our midst solely by the snack cabinet. Seriously – she cooks, she bakes, she frequents farmers’ markets. We baited the trap well to catch such a Beth.

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Rae: Producer

We brought on Rae because, clearly, we don’t have enough cat-lovers on the team. And also to keep Rebecca from losing her mind.

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