Mackenzie Fogelson

Founder, CEO, & fearless leader


Mackenzie Fogelson (called “Mack” by pretty much everybody), is the founder and CEO of Mack Web

By which we mean that, in the past 10 years, Mack has done it all, from the grunt work to the glad-handing: she’s done web design, keyword research, support meetings, business development, site optimization, link building, hiring, branding, marketing, conference-attending, report-giving, lunch-buying, party-throwing, bill-paying, office-cleaning, hand-holding, and a whole lot of reading.

It’s taken time and it’s taken effort, but she’s finally managed to find the place where her passion, personality, and preference collide: our public face and private heart.

The face

As our public face, Mack dives into the duties of speaker, blogger, and relationship builder with authenticity, eloquence, and the judicious application of profanity.

She’s spoken at MozCon, an assortment of SearchLoves, WistiaFest, and other pretty awesome industry conferences. She’s blogged for Moz, Conductor, and more. She’s befriended some amazing people who have provided guidance, encouragement, and – sometimes – T-shirts.

(It’s not surprising that she’s highly sought after for these things. After all, what else is someone with a master’s degree in communication-focused English supposed to do but communicate in, uh, English?)

But being the public face of Mack Web is about more than what Mack does. It’s also very much about who she is. Mack embodies all of the things that the Mack Web brand stands for.

She seeks to build remarkable brands for companies that care as much about the impact they make on the world as they do the profits they record in the books. She wields the various tools of digital marketing to help those companies find and fulfill the wider mission and purpose that engages their desires, their hearts, their passions, no matter what shape it make take.

And above all, Mack is fearless and sincere in her pursuit of the relationships that can help her do all of that stuff, not just for what they can do for the company but for the inherent value of forming genuine connections with people who understand what you do and why you do it.

The heart

As the private heart of the company, Mack is responsible not only for ensuring that Mack Web continues to, in her words, ‘genuinely give a shit about what we do’, she’s also the one to make sure that the team is well-cared for.

That includes not only the run-of-the-mill awesomeness that all good leaders provide, but also building a strong team whose strengths complement and support each other, who have everything they need to take charge and stride out in their particular areas, and whose individual oddities can not only co-exist but thrive.

The result is a happily mismatched crew of whip-smart people who stay passionate about their work and tell a lot of really stupid jokes, mostly about llamas. (And devour frankly alarming quantities of sugar.)

Her devotion to her family shapes her perspective on treating everyone around her as genuine people with complicated lives. After all, if she has both work and personal passions, if she seeks balance between growing her company and raising her children, it’s likely they do, too. Her own experience fuels Mack Web’s human-centric approach to our work, our clients, and our audience outreach.

Is she a bird, a plane?

She’s no Superwoman (though she is pretty super). She’s just a hard-working entrepreneur with vision of the future of marketing, a loyal team, and a contagious passion for her what she does, who once danced, solo and crimp-haired, to Chaka Khan at a school talent show.

It doesn’t get more courageous than that.

Mack’s drink of choice

These days she typically drinks green tea, but on occasion will have decaf with cream. (Which may be an argument for the Superwoman-ness, actually. Who doesn’t need a whole lot of caffeine with their cream?)

You can circle Mack on Google+ or link up with her on LinkedIn or tweet @mackfogelson on Twitter