About Us

Mack Web Solutions isn’t your average digital agency. Yes, we do offer a wide range of website solutions. But, our main priority is to help you build an outstanding online community that will be miles ahead of your competitors.

Our able team, which you are about to meet, is equipped with the latest digital skills. They are also quite experienced in various sectors such as content creation, SEO, web design, and much more. With our help, your business or company can establish a solid online presence.

Our Objectives

Our goal is to create the perfect brand for your business by integrating search engine optimization, quality content, website design and creation, social media management, and continuous analytics evaluation to gauge the performance of all these tools. Mack Web can build your brand from scratch. We have the knowledge and resources needed to make that happen. We don’t just partner with new companies. If your brand has been struggling with improving its awareness, we can also chip in and do our magic.

Meet Our Team

All the above wouldn’t be possible were it not for our team of digital experts.

Mackenzie Fogelson – Former Founder and CEO

Popularly known as Mack, she founded Mack Web Solutions after years of providing plenty of web marketing services such as web development design, content creation, business development, branding, and marketing, amongst others. Through engaging in the above activities, she acquired the needed experience and knowledge to launch and run Mack Web Solutions.

Mackenzie Fogelson has a degree and a master’s in English. She was initially an English Teacher. However, her passion for more knowledge and the need to run a personal business drove her into web marketing. The coding skills she acquired from her M.A in English came in pretty handy during this period.

For years, she has led this successful company. With the help of her team, Mack Web Solutions has developed and integrated effective social media strategies, quality content, and SEO techniques on behalf of hundreds of businesses.

On a less serious note, Mack is very fun to be around. She loves traveling and sharing with the world about building communities. She enjoys taking some green tea in between breaks.

Natalie Touchberry – Former Web Designer (Ninja)

She has been the lead designer for Mack Web Solutions since 2009, and has done an excellent job. Other than her love for Ninjas, Natalie has a BFA with a concentration in Graphic Design from Colorado State University. With over 15 years of web design experience, Natalie has converted many basic web designs into masterpieces!

Courtney Brown – Former Content Strategist

When Courtney joined Mack Web Solutions, she filled in the role of an SEO specialist. This was before Mack discovered her talent for written word. She was the queen of content at this digital agency. Besides creating content for this brand, she also strategized content for the clients. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Courtney is so skilled in written word. After all, she has a BA in English.

Ayelet Golz – Former Social Media and Community Management Strategist

Ayelet’s education’s history kicks off at the University of Minnesota, where she studied Communications and Spanish. Afterward, she worked for various non-profit promotions in Denver, participated in freelance marketing in Ecuador, and led an online writing community in Germany. This was before joining Mack Web Solutions in 2013. This lady has first-hand experience of what it takes to build a community and manage social media for our clients.

Rebecca Gilmore – Former Account Coordinator


Rebecca was gathering skills to be an account coordinator throughout her college life. She held a similar position at Rivendell College. This was before pursuing an MA in International studies. She enjoys coordinating the accounts of both Mack Web Solutions and those of our clients.